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Air Treatment
    The HIROSS refrigeration dryers and filters guarantees continuous and highest quality compressed air with straightforward installation and maintenance. The HIROSS condensate treatment products provide customers with an easy solution to assist in protecting our fragile environment.

(0.2M3/min – 4.3m3/min)
Starlette Refrigeration Dryers

Starlette : The Bright Little Star

   Starlette was conceived with a well defined objective to guarantee continuous highest quality compressed air, with straightforward installation and maintenance, regardless of the application of the ambient conditions. This design brief has led to several innovative solutions which not only guarantee that Starlette can be used in all applications and ambient conditions, and not only renders Starlette extremely easy to install, but above all ensure that Starlette offers complete reliability and top performance, with full respect for the environment. Starlette is the right solution to all compressed air needs.

  • Switch & go operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • High operating limits


(4m3/min – 148.5 m3/min)
Polestar Refrigeration Dryers

PoleStar : The Star Shines even Brighter

   PoleStar was born from the experience of nearly 40 years on the compressed air market. Since its launch, PoleStar’s advanced design concepts have led it to become the benchmark refrigeration dryer on the international compressed air market.

   Polestar has just got better. New technological solutions ensure that PoleStar contemporaneously offers both the very highest quality levels and the very lowest operating costs.

   In line with a product designed for a global market, PoleStar operates up to a generous 60OC air inlet temperature and 50OC ambient temperature, as well as conforming to all worldwide norms and directives, including the Europeon PED Pressure Equipment Directive. PoleStar offers excellent dew point performances, in full accordance with ISO 7183 norms.

   PoleStar has furthermore been designed with maximum respect for the ambient. Environmentally friendly refrigerant is standard across the range and all materials can be recycled at the end of their operating life. PoleStar is the solution to the ever more demanding requirements of today’s industries.

  • Unique DryPack heat exchanger
  • Advanced scroll compressor
  • Optimum dew point performance
  • Environmental low power consumption
  • Easy to use and maintain

(0.26m3/min – 648m3/min)

HyperFilter 2000 : For a New Millennium

   Compressed air is an important source of energy in modern industries, often representing the most vital part in the whole production operation. In today’s factory, the consequences of an inefficient or faulty compressed air system can be staggering, causing reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs. And as machinery becomes more sophisticated and users become more discerning, so the importance of quality compressed air becomes ever greater.

   The new Hiross Hyperfilter 2000 range, fruit of over 35 years experience in compressed air treatment, meets and exceeds these stringent needs. Hyperfilter 2000 represents a new generation in compressed air filtration.

   The full range of models and filtration levels; certified and tested standards; the highest performance levels; reduced operating costs. Together they ensure that Hyperfilter 2000 more that fulfils the needs of the new millenniums compressed air stations.

  • Protects tools and downstream equipment
  • Increases efficiency, reduces downtime
  • Significantly reduces costs
  • Full range of models and filtration grades for all industrial applications
  • Guaranteed performance levels

(1.2m3/min – 200m3/min;
water cooled version)
(0.6m3/min – 75m3/min;
air cooled version)

Hypercool : Tailor made Aftercooling

   The compressed air and gas market is becoming ever more diverse with new niche applications and a drive towards the need for ever higher quality standards.

   It is not longer possible to offer a standardized solution to every customer need. What is needed is individual solutions for a whole range of specific market segments.

   Hypercool represents the most extensive range of Water and Air-cooled Aftercoolers, fruit of 40 years experience in the Aftercooler market.

   The comprehensive standard range is complemented by models with special materials, as well as high temperature and high pressure versions.

   Beyond this, Hiross offers personalized solutions covering all individual customer requirements. And all this with the levels of performance and quality traditionally offered by the Hiross product range.

   Hypercool continues Hiross’ tradition for innovative solutions, allowing its users to achieve the maximum from their compressed Air systems.

  • Significant energy and capital investment savings
  • Optimizes compressed air system performance
  • Reduces maintenance and improves product quality
  • Ensures reliable continuous operation

(0.9m3/min – 209m3/min)

Hypersep : Efficient Condensate Removal

   Industrial compressed air incorporates large quantities of liquid condensate. The removal of this condensate is of paramount importance, in order to protect the compressed air network, facilitate the operation of downstream equipment and reduce the system’s overall operating and maintenance costs. Hypersep represents a highly effective solution to this need, removing more than 99% of the liquid condensate present in the compressed air network.

   A full range of models, available in numerous configuration, caters for all user need. Hypersep is easy to install and operate and requires no maintenance and no external power source.

   Hypersep is perfectly suited for installation after the air compressor, as well as for point of use installation in numerous niche applications.

  • 99% condensate removal
  • reduces system maintenance & downtime
  • Hiroshield protection

(0.3m 3/min – 59.8 m 3/min)
Hypersplit - Oil/Water Separators

Hypersplit : For the sake of the environment

   The safe removal of industrial waste water is of vital importance for our ambient, Hypersplit, which represents further proof of the environmental awareness which is at the heart of all Hiross products, ensures that industrial condensate can be simply returned to the water system without creating any damage to our surroundings. Most countries have now recognized the extreme damage contaminated industrial water can cause to the ambient and have implemented very rigid legislations to prevent industrial discharges from contaminating the environment.

   These legislations are stringently controlled and heavy fines are often the result if the required levels of water pureness are not expected. Hypersplit avoids this problem at minimum cost, thanks to its advanced design and market leading performance levels. As such, it represents an integral part of any company wishing to obtain ISO14000 approval. Hypersplit is extremely easy to install and operate. Furthermore, Hypersplit’s generously sized dimensions and large carbon stage ensure minimum maintenance together with maximum reliability.

  • Significant energy and capital investment savings
  • Optimizes compressed air system performance
  • Reduces maintenance and improves product quality
  • Ensures reliable continuous operation
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